Films for families

My work with families often takes the form of preserving the memories of the older generation.

This 30-minute cut from a DVD I made for a client will give you a good idea of what to expect when you let Third Chapter Films document your memories.

I’ve also posted a few clips from this 83-minute film for a family who wanted to hear their father, mother, and the mother’s twin brother tell their stories of growing up in small town Maine. It was wonderful getting to know these people, as I believe their comfort with the camera attests.  Since for this kind of project I wanted to include as muchEach of these buttons navigate to a particular story or topic. of the “good stuff” as possible, my editing involved finding common themes and arranging them into good order, eliminating the pauses and repetitions (as well as the presence of me asking the questions). I scanned some of the precious old family photos, especially those that illustrated visually the story being told.

To help navigate the length, I created an elaborate menu of 30 chapters so that viewers could select the stories they wanted to hear over and over again. Final delivery was a  DVD for each member of the family.

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